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I know why, and I can sort you out in a jiffy!

If you have been repeatedly failing your driving test it is probably not your fault. I know it is easy to feel down in the dumps about messing up on your driving test but I can sort you out very quickly.

You have been going into your driving test unprepared, that is the issue. You see the driving test is just a measure or being safe, so we need to iron out the problems in your driving and then we need to prove to you, that you are good enough.

My driving test rescue course is very successful, see Sophies video on this page. I charge £35 an hour to get erase all of your problems and to get you driving how the examine wants to see you.

When you phone me I need you to explain as much as possible in terms of what you have done on your driving lessons, what happened and your true thoughts and feelings as to why you have not passed. We will then go for a drive and you can show me without any pressure about what you can do. At the end, we´ll discuss your driving, and I will show you how to make positive changes so you can pass the test.

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The Triple Guarantee

Would you agree that all driving schools look the same? I think so and I really do try to go that extra mile to show you how good I am, so I want to present to you the TRIPLE GUARANTEE. The purpose is to make sure you get what you are paying for.

If you do not like your driving lesson, ask for your money back.

When it comes to your driving test if you do not pass first time, I will cover the cost of the second driving test. And because I want you to be a safe driver, if you ever need me in the 2 years after your driving test I can give you free refresher lessons as part of the driving lessons warranty.

Do you like this idea? Then call me now!

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